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    1. Disposal of Monitors or Screens that are faulty or damaged (£6 per screen)

    2. Disposal of Monitors or Screens that are smaller than 23" display and don't have a HDMI or DISPLAY PORT connection (£6 per screen)

    3. All Disposal of all Printers (£6 per printer)

    4. All VOIP phone handsets (£2 per handset)


    Under UK GDPR, Community Computers are a data processor to you the data controller.

    The data processing activities we are undertaken are data sanitisation of storage media with the duration of processing to be within 20 days from collection. We will process personal and special category of data to the specification within the Terms and Conditions Document available below.
    By accepting our terms and conditions we form the processor / controller contract under in compliance with Article 28 of the GDPR. To view these go (here:

    Community Computers hold ADISA Certification to the UK GDPR Certification Scheme at DIAL 2 which is approved by the UK Information Commissioner (ADISA ICT Asset Recovery Certification 8.0 | ICO) In order to help us meet this Standard we need your Data Impact Assurance Level.

    OR to create one please go: DIAL Rating Generator

    To find out more please watch: A Guide to Data Impact Assurance Level (DIAL) - ADISA Academy - YouTube

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