I.T recycling with a social conscience


Affordable Devices into Homes

Free Devices to the Community

Devices Saved From Landfill

Tonnes of Carbon Emissions Saved


Our vision is to help deliver quality, affordable or free devices, across Greater Manchester to those on a low-income who are struggling to access a suitable device. We can only do that with your help.

We are working across Stockport, Trafford and Manchester to help support residents and local community groups with either Free or Subsidised devices.  In partnership with local authorities, we work to identify areas where digital exclusion is a particular problem and deliver devices directly into those communities through popup-shops and our online shop.

We’ve managed to reach hundreds of households, community groups, schools and vulnerable adults , but there are still thousands more that are struggling to access online services.

We are looking for Local Council partners, businesses, and social groups to help us reach all areas of Greater Manchester. 


At the very core of Community Computers is our commitment towards data destruction and GDPR compliance.  We have specialised equipment, processes and software that allow us to treat and destroy all your sensitive data. 

Our Datacrunch 250 is a Hard Drive and SSD destruction device that is able to crush 500 drive per hour.   It also comes with an adapter which allows us to crush individual chips on NVME and SSD drives, ensuring that all types of drives can be crushed and put beyond use. 

Our Dataguss machine fires an electromagnetic charge at hard drives and tape storage.  This renders all data completely destroyed and removed magnetically stored data. 

We also use ADISA certified software to perform data wipes, ensuring that integrated storage can be fully sanitised using ATA Secure Erase,  Sanitise Block Erase, or DOD-M methods.

All of our methods generate a certificate of data destruction, detailing machine specifics, device specifics, method used and verification status, amongst other important information which you can use to show your data has been destroyed. 


Why choose Community computers?

Free collection

We will collect larger collections for free, or you can drop it down to our charity based in Stockport. For our address please click this box

Free Collections from Stockport, Tameside and Greater Manchester areas

Professional Service with secure transportation

Staff fully CRB checked

Environmental change

Recycling your I.T. equipment with us means that you are ensuring that all of the hazardous materials inside your computers (mercury & gasses) are properly disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations.

The disposal of electronics equipment is now strictly regulated. Each person and business now has a duty to make sure their equipment is properly disposed of. I.T. Equipment can contain harmful substances, which we properly dispose of according to these regulations. Renewal North West are registered with the Environment Agency for the processing of electrical, electronic and IT waste. We are registered waste carriers.


Your donation is either recycled or upgraded. By choosing us for your I.T. recycling, you are helping us to provide employment, work skills and training to long-term unemployed individuals, and enabling us to tackle digital exclusion and provide low-cost computers back into the community.

Community Computers is a not for profit initiative operated by registered charity Renewal North West (1145056). Funds generated from the initiative go directly back into our work to fund the running of operations and break down the barriers that keep people from working.

Residents can drop off IT donations at any open Stockport library or directly at our doors at Community Computers, Renewal North West. You can find your local library and its opening time at

Who are we?

We recycle donated IT equipment, providing low cost computers to the community and work skills to the long term unemployed, whilst also reducing the amount of e-waste going to landfill and ensuring all hazardous materials are disposed of properly.

Community Computers is a Digital Alliance Partner, working in partnership with Stockport MBC, Manchester City Council and Trafford Council to tackle digital exclusion.

We also work with Stockport’s Digital Device Lending Library with Starting Point Community Learning Partnership to help support digital inclusion across the local area.

Community Computers is a not for profit initiative operated by registered charity Renewal North West (1145056)

More info about out work…

  • We provide fully refurbished and licensed, essential devices back into the community at low cost and work closely with local organisations to support individuals/families in using their devices.
  • We provide employment, work experience and training to long term unemployed individuals that have experienced multiple barriers to regain work
  • We work with Stockport Digital Device Library to maintain their devices that are loaned into the community
  • We operate pop-up shops – bringing devices in the heart of disadvantaged communities.
  • We gift approximately 25% of our laptops to local community groups and people in hardship completely free of charge. 
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