Data Wiping

Why professionally wipe?

The reality is, that unless your data is professionally wiped or destroyed, even when you delete something it is usually extremely easy to recover it. Unfortunately, stories of people’s bank accounts, email accounts and other sensitive data, falling into the wrong hands, can sometimes be traced to old hard drives falling into the wrong hands.

Our Wiping Services

Physical Destruction

We destroy the hard drive data plates to a point where they become physically unusable. This is the most secure method of destruction, however, the hard drive then becomes totally unusable, which means that it is a service which carries a processing fee.

Data Wiping

Hard drives undergo a data wipe. We use industry standard software, which specialises in writing a random set of data to the entire hard drive, several times. This means that attempts to recover any data from the hard drive, results in failure. We process all data devices to United States Department of Defence standards (D.O.D 3 Passes)..

Certified Destruction

We also offer certified destruction to all our customers. This is a document, linked to your hard drive, containing detailed information, such as the serial number of your hard drive and the exact type of wipe that was performed on it. It gives you extra assurance that your data is gone. There is a charge associated with the provision of this service.