Olena’s Story – June 2023 (laptop received March 2023)

 My name is Olena and in September 2022 I left my home in Ukraine with my 9 year old daughter and with very few belongings. We were hosted in Stockport as part of the ‘Homes for Ukraine’ initiative. My husband was not allowed to leave Ukraine and my parents felt that they were too old and too unwell to leave.

 We had one mobile telephone between us. I wrote a letter to the council and someone called me to tell me about Community Computers. I called them and they invited me into their shop to have a look at the laptops. I am not very technical, but the person in the shop was very helpful. The laptop that I choose and purchased at a low price has proved to be just what my daughter and I need. It is very light, very quick and has all the software we need.

 My daughter is now able to do homework lessons on line, particularly English lessons. I have started a Make-up course with the college and some of the theory lessons are online. My daughter and I watch videos to help us with learning our English. Most importantly, we are able to use Zoom to speak to my husband and my parents back in Ukraine. This is so important to us. We are so grateful for Community Computers, having a really great laptop has made such a big difference to us.

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